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Silver Mens Jewelry

Above is a beautifully inlay Buckle and Bolo set by Navajo Artisan - Edison Yazzi.

We produce and handle high quality Silver Mens Jewelry in a Southwestern style that is unique to our company. Durango Silver Company is responsible for producing some of the finest quality Mens Silver and Turquoise Jewelry coming out of the American Southwest today! We also specialize in America's finest Turquoise in item we make as we have been collecting, mining and cutting high grade Turquoise for over 40 years.

We are the Turquoise Authorities!

Durango Silver Company produces many types of Silver Mens Jewelry such as Mens Silver Rings, Mens Silver Bracelets and Mens Silver Belt Buckles. Below are some examples of Silver Mens Jewelry that has been produced by our company. We are known worldwide for producing some of the finest Silver Mens Jewelry coming out of Southwestern United States today.

Silver Mens Jewelry from Durango Silver Co

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Mens Silver Jewelry Mens Ring Band - Silver Mens Rings

Above and to the left is a Silver Mens Band Ring in a post and cable design by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. This is Silver overlay work, it begins with a round band of Silver and then the center flattened twisted wire is slipped over, centered and soldered, a round ring that is flattened on each side is slipped next to the center band and then two flat sheet silver bands have grooves stamped into them and are slid into place. Scallops are filed on both edges of the band, the band is sanded and finished with a buffing machine. It is actually quite time consuming to create Silver Mens Jewelry in this fashion, however, the results are great and the time spent can easily be appreciated. You can read more and even purchase one of these great Silver Band Rings by following this link.

To the right is an outstanding Gentleman's Silver Ring by John Hartman. It is a bold and heavy Mens Silver Band Ring that has deep stampwork that is outlined with heavy Silver beading. This is a piece of Silver Mens Jewelry that can't be missed when it is on a gentleman's finger as it has a bold Southwestern appearance. You can find additional information on this Ring and you can even purchase one by following the link in this description.

Both of these pieces of Silver Mens Jewelry are American handmade in Durango, Colorado USA and are hallmarked “Durango Silver .925 USA”.

Silver Mens Buckle Silver Mens Jewelry -  Native American Buckle

To the left is a Sterling Silver Belt Buckle, Navajo Handmade. This is a large buckle that was meticulously stamped, it also has four S shaped repose's. Repose means the Silver has been bumped up or domed from the reverse side of the design, it is very attractive and dimensional. Stampwork like this takes a skilled craftsman and Navajo Silversmiths are known for this type of work. We carry a lot of Navajo Silver Mens Jewelry at Durango Silver Company as we appreciate the intense amount of work the Navajo put into their Silver.

To the right is a Navajo Indian handmade Silver Belt Buckle. This Buckle features a beautiful Turquoise gemstone accented by great Silver and repose work. The Turquoise Gemstone is from the Kingman Turquoise Mine located in Arizona, the Kingman Turquoise Mine was discovered by Native American Indians over 2000 years ago. The Silver was intricately hand stamped with multiple types of handmade stamps, most likely handmade by the Silversmith that created the belt buckle.

More Silver Mens Jewelry

Nowhere on earth will you find artisan created silverwork and Silver Mens Jewelry of this caliber other than the great American Southwest.

Heavy Silver Mens Jewelry - Handmade Silver Bracelet Vintage Silver Mens Jewelry

To the right is a unique piece of Silver Mens Jewelry made here in the American Southwest. This is a multi-layered Silver Mens Bracelet, it has a layer of sculptured copper in the center which creates a beautiful hue of rich orange as you look deep into the design. This piece was created by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company.

To the right is a Silver Mens Bracelet that was also handmade by John Hartman. This Bracelet design was originally made for the Fred Harvey Company by John in the 1970's to sell in their Trading Post at the Grand Canyon. Many of these bracelets were made for and sold by the Fred Harvey Company in that period. It has deep stampwork with hand file fluted domes, this was a unique work of art by John in the early years of his career.

Quality Silver Mens Jewelry

Silver Mens Elk Tooth Ring Silver Mens Jewelry - Bisbee Turquoise Ring
To the left is an Elk Tooth Silver Mens Ring produced by Durango Silver Company. This type of Silverwork is created by applying layer over layer of molten wax with a Jewelers wax pen to create a one of a kind piece of Silver Mens Jewelry. Men who enjoy hunting or outdoor lifestyles tend to enjoy having a unique piece of Silver Jewelry such as this Elk Tooth Ring or the Kodiak Bear Claw Necklace below. Durango Silver Company always has something exciting for that man who has everything - check us out!

To the right is a very handsome Turquoise Mens Ring in Sterling Silver featuring a Bisbee Turquoise Gemstone, it is produced exclusively by Durango Silver Company. This is a classic example of Mens Silver and Turquoise Jewelry made by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. We also have great Native American Indian Silver Mens Jewelry from a variety of Native American Artisans, we use our fabulous Turquoise Gemstones and have the Natives create marvelous Silver Designs.

Kodiak Bear Claw Silver Mens Jewelry

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